FREE PREVIEW: Building Your Freelance Strategy in 60 Days

08 October 2020

8 pm - 9.30pm (SGT)

Join Rachpal in this Free 90-minute Preview to understand the Psychology behind what makes a SUCCESSFUL FREELANCER in the Gig economy.


In this preview, you will:

  • Learn about push/pull factors that influence your decision

  • Ascertain the suitability of Freelancing work for you

  • Get information on the mechanics of the 60-day Coaching Programme

Building Your Freelance Strategy in 60 Days

Commencement date:

28 October 2020

(every Wednesday)


8pm - 9.30pm (SGT)

Quitting a full-time job at 32, starting a business with $0 savings, and debt-free at 48.


Learn from Rachpal, an 18-year veteran freelancer on how to develop and sustain a Freelance Career in the new Gig economy.


Using concepts from Consumer Psychology, in this 60-day Coaching Programme you will:

  • Identify your Business Niche

  • Develop your Professional Brand

  • Identify your Target Market

  • Develop the Unique feature of your Product/Service

  • Develop your Pricing strategy

  • Write Sales Copy for your Website

  • Develop your Social Media Strategy

  • Develop a strategy for your Income Funnel

The Programme:

  • SGD500

  • 90-minute Group Coaching sessions (4 sessions)

  • 30-minute Individual Coaching sessions (4 sessions)

  • Exercise/templates