Why are all your coaching packages 5 sessions?

This human brain requires time to adjust to new thoughts and emotions and on average it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to start experiencing some shifts which typically will happen in the first 2 sessions. In sessions 3 and 4, you will begin to make some critical decisions on an area of your life and by session 5, you will have devised a plan to put into action. This whole process takes about 60 days.

This method, which I call Propel in 5™ is devised based on principles of cognitive psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Why should I book a Free Session?

A Free Session is an important part of the coaching process as it allows both parties, the Coach and Coachee, to ascertain if they are the right fit to address the issue.

Each coach has their own style and Coachees must be comfortable with the approach used by the Coach. In the Free Session, both parties will get a chance to discuss:

  • If the issue is something that the Coach is able to provide guidance on
  • The timeline of the coaching process and the commitment needed (e.g. is Coachee ready to commit to the exercises needed to be done after each session)
  • Coachee to seek clarity on the nature of coaching, the Coach’s style and credentials.

How will the contact be made?

Once you complete the Booking process and make a selection for either a Free Coaching Session or Purchase the session/s, an email will be sent to you with the following details:

  • Confirmation date and time of the session
  • The Zoom link for you to connect to the call
  • Instructions on what to do if you prefer to use Facetime, Skype, Google Meet, or Telegram would be included in the email.

How will the Enneagram and/or Harrison Analysis be done?

Once you have Purchased the package, an email will be sent to you within 24 hours, giving you the links, login ID and password to the sites to take the assessment.

The results will be sent to the Coach who will then send a copy to you PRIOR to the First Session together with some preparatory questions.

What is the online platform used for the session?

  • By default, all sessions would be video calls on Zoom
  • Alternatives to Zoom are Facetime, Skype, Google Meet, or Telegram

You are based in Singapore. Do you do Coaching on time zones outside Singapore?

Yes, I do. As it is an individual coaching session, I have blocked out slots to accommodate the different time zones around the world.

Can I customise my session?

Based on my work with clients over the past 10 years, and also understanding how the human mind responds to change, I would recommend that you start with the Propel in 5™ sessions first as these sessions are designed with specific exercises that will get you to:

  • Unearth the blockages that are preventing you from reaching your goals/outcome
  • Understand the need to make changes in areas of your life
  • Develop strategies for the actions you need to take and getting feedback to fine tune the process.

Is there a referral system?

This is purely optional. If you have successfully attained results for the issues that you sought coaching for, you will get an additional 60 minutes free for every 3 referrals who signup for our coaching package.

I notice that you also put testimonials on your page. How do you balance client’s confidentiality?

We request testimonials so that potential customers, such as yourself, has assurance of the quality and credibility of our work. We preserve confidentiality by:

  • not revealing the full name of our clients
  • not revealing their address or any contact details
  • not revealing their exact age or organisation they work for.
We will only get our clients to state broadly what were the areas they sought help for, how were they helped and what long term changes they have experienced after the coaching and this last point is crucial as we want all our clients to be equipped with resources long after they have completed the sessions.

I have already done my Enneagram analysis or other form of analysis. Can I opt out of the assessments?

Unfortunately no as we follow a process that includes the analysis that forms part of the programme.