Vicarious Trauma: What You MUST know

Recently, psychologists and #MentalHealth workers have noticed that in the past year, more people have been reporting feeling sad or stressed even without experiencing any direct #trauma. Some of the symptoms that have been reported vary but generally include feeling sad, despair, forlorn, helpless as they read, listen or watch news on the #pandemic, #HumanitarianCrisis and #CivilUnrest as well as #NaturalDisasters that spring up across the globe.

As we read more, we are also experiencing these deep emotions that are just as intense as people who are directly experiencing those adverse experiences.

In the past 20 months we’ve had plenty such incidences that captivate us - it starts with curiosity and then you rationalise “I’m following this news because something has happened that could impact me so I need to find out more” and then people begin to discuss this issue (both offline and online) and you too give your few dollars worth. All the while you’re doing this, your subconscious is registering the emotion and after some time, you’re feeling lousy and cannot explain why. Well, now you know - vicarious trauma.

So how to deal with Vicarious trauma?

1. #SetTimeLimits to how much news you will seek out everyday

A good way is choosing to check-in on the news for about an hour everyday - maybe in the morning and lunchtime. Also, avoid taking in such news in the evening as it’ll stimulate your brain thus affecting your sleep.

2. #Disengage.

With so many chat groups and social media platforms, you’re probably bombarded with messages of people expressing their opinions and sentiments. While you cannot stop people from sharing this, you have the choice to select what information you want to view and which issues you’d like to express your views on. It’s okay not to have an opinion for your own mental #wellbeing.

If you’re feeling #overwhelmed or may be experiencing vicarious trauma, book in a call to have a chat with me. I provide #life and #career #coaching which can provide you with a professional, external perspective in helping you achieve your #goals.

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