Quick-fix LIES Coaches Tell You

Chances are if you’re looking for a Coach to help you with an area of your life where you’re having a challenge, you’re in a state of overwhelm or pretty busy at work and also juggling many other roles in life.

TIME is such a precious commodity. You’re most likely pressed for time as every waking minute is accounted for as you fill up your schedule with a range of tasks to complete every day both at work and in other parts of your life.

So it’s really wonderful when you hear a Coach on video or during a consultation call, saying that there are quick-fixes to your problems. Where you don’t have to devote much time to the coaching sessions and you will get the results you want. You will NEVER hear a sports or dance coach ever saying that; in fact, it’s quite the opposite, they make you work hard and put in lots of hours to get the performance level up.

So what are some lies life coaches will tell you as they promise you a quick-fix to your problem?

Quick-fix lie 3: Invest in a Group Coaching Program worth $xxxx for all the Templates - Own Time Own Target

These usually come with the promise that you will have access to video content that you can access 24/7 so you can work on it at a time that is convenient to you. In addition, you have templates with exercises that are carefully crafted to support you as you do the exercises. And you are promised lifetime access to these templates and videos.

The problem with this promise is that, when you’re in a state of overwhelm or confusion, having to sort out videos and templates and make sense of it can be daunting and just add to your stress. And when you finally make it to the Group Coaching session (which is at a fixed time and you have to fit into it) you may have only 10 to 15 minutes to seek clarification.

Quick-fix lie 2: Results are Guaranteed if you follow EVERY step

Results can never be guaranteed - each person is different with unique circumstances. Many factors contribute to the outcome of coaching - consistency in coaching, consistency in completing the exercises between coaching sessions, the commitment to the process and the list goes on. It’s not about following every step but how well you perform each step and what is the learning that you apply from each step of the coaching.

Quick-fix lie 1: Transformation will Happen in Just ONE Session

This has to be my favourite! Most coaching sessions are 1 hour and to unearth stored negative or limiting beliefs and to install new empowering beliefs in a short session, is truly a feat! Do NOT confuse getting a realisation with transformation. AT the end of the first session, you may get a realisation or an “a-ha” moment which will be the start of your journey. But transformation takes time - you have to put in the work.