Getting Back to Nature: Nature-based Coaching

You’ve probably heard the term “nature heals” – from sages who wandered off to the jungles for months to meditate to modern day executives going for a holistic retreat in a spa set in a nature reserve – humans turn to nature when life overwhelms.

Having had limited time outdoors these past two years and with many still largely or partially working from home, an increasing pool of my clients have expressed feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and the virtual coaching sessions were no longer helping them tackle the various challenges they were facing in life and at work. And that’s how I took coaching outdoors and in this article I answer the common questions I’ve been asked about Nature-based Coaching.

How is Nature-based Coaching different from Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a process that helps you address issues that may be preventing you from living the life you desire. You may be feeling stuck in your career, relationship, life stage, financial condition, health condition (to a name a few common areas) and may also be experiencing overwhelm where the emotions and thoughts are too intense and complex that you need some assistance to put things into structure or give you a different perspective.

In Nature-based coaching, you will work on the issues described above in an outdoors setting such as a park, a garden or the beach.

What is the benefit of Nature-based Coaching over a regular In-person Coaching or a Virtual Coaching session?

The TOP 3 benefits are:

  1. Movement facilitates free-flow conversation which is especially beneficial when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Flora and fauna are naturally calming – the greenery, the sound of birds chirping or even a squirrel scurrying about busily helps to regulate the heart-rate which then slows down the mental chatter and thoughts. You’re less self-conscious and conversation doesn't feel forced.

  2. Nature is a teacher as we can draw parallels of our life circumstances and what is happening in nature. The weather can be a reflection of our emotional state, for example. Or perhaps the lotus flower blooming in murky waters may be a symbol for you on the complex environment you’re operating in and how to blossom amidst the uncertain or difficult circumstances. Nature reminds us that we’re part of a bigger ecological system and we do not exist in isolation and the impact we have on the environment just as elements in the environment impact us.

  3. “Nature the healer” – be it just sitting and having quiet time in the park or by the beach or just feeling the grass on your bare feet, there has been much research on how nature heals. You won't be hugging trees (you can if you wish) or perform any outlandish acts in nature but rather you’ll be encouraged to draw inspiration from nature that you can apply to your circumstances to allow yourself to gain different perspectives. Walking in nature and having some sun (or perhaps the rain) helps with hormone regulation and unlocking trapped emotions.

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