Are you unemployed, retrenched or in career or life transition and looking to upskill, transfer your skills, search for hidden talents and new ways of doing things?


Self-limiting belief causing roadblock in career advancement? Frustrated with lack of career progression?


Retrenched or suddenly unemployed? Feeling lost and unsure what’s next?

Back to work mum

Lots of community and voluntary experience but lacking in corporate experience?

Discontented professional

Feeling unfulfilled at work & wanting ownership and empowerment?

New Graduates

How to develop compelling resumes and identify key transferable skills? How to excel at interviews?

White Branch

Feeling like a Juggler struggling to keep multiple balls in the air?

White Structure

Confused or excited about a work or life transition?

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Achieve your career goal, health goal, financial goal, a relationship goal or any other goal, through Propel in 5™


Rachpal had a systematic approach in helping me strategize for my meeting with management for my annual performance review. She asked me excellent questions and even did a role play that prompted me to dig deep into the issues so as to sort out my thoughts.


Since the coaching sessions, whenever I hit a roadblock and tough situations, I think back to how Rachpal broke down issues into smaller chunks and channel my thoughts to sorting out if the issue was a result of a relationship issue, a process issue or performance-related and I find myself taking a more objective approach to solving problems. She has broadened how I think and address my problems.

- Mindy (Mid-50s, Senior Level Executive, Mid-career)