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Rachpal Kaur Tulsi

“The Real Kampung Chick”

Singapore Tourism Board Licensed Tourist Guide (English)

The Real Kampung Chick | Rachpal Kaur Tulsi | Private Tours in Singapore

A first generation Singaporean, Rachpal has lived through a time when Singapore’s geography was primarily small clusters of villages (kampung), homes without electricity and toilets were outhouses where “poop” buckets were cleared daily by “nightsoil” collection workers.


That’s how she’s come to be known as The Real Kampung Chick – with golden nuggets of stories through her lived experienced of seeing kampungs making way for tall buildings and modern Singapore that we know today.


Rachpal started her career in 1995 in the Singapore Government service in the social service sector focused on building cohesive communities in Singapore’s HDB estates. Trained in Psychology and Politics, Rachpal’s interest had always been on the welfare and wellbeing of people who live in close proximity in flats within densely populated towns.

Join her tours to learn of Singapore’s unique public housing system, the cultural diversity and practices within the communities and of course, learn about Singaporean’s obsession with FOOD!


An accomplished self-taught cook, you can also join her cooking tour to learn more about spices and how to cook with spices.

Rachpal's Favourites

Local Food

Carrot Cake, Chicken Rice, Prata, Nasi Lemak ( I have more than one, LOL)

Local Beverage

Teh Kay C Gao

Local Getaway

Watching sunset at Changi Beach

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