Step 4: How to get the Remote-Control back?

Look back at some of the incidences in your life and recall something that happened in the past and had left you with a strong positive impact. It could be anything: for example, one memory that comes to my mind is setting up my first business in 2003 and watching it profit within the first six months. That left a very positive impact on me and since then, I have formed a belief which dispelled a prior belief I had that with a tertiary education, I would be employed by big firms and that I would see a clear career path for growth. For me, at that time, to run a business, a person must have money and just have the personality for it. As a result of the success, I now have a different conversation. I now believe that it is possible for me to do just about anything, as long as I am clear about my intention.

Exercise 4:

  1. List actions to take the control back and steps to continue retaining the control and never losing it again.

  2. What needs to be done or what are you willing to give up in order to have the control back?