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Wish I Did that on the Weekend

Misty Monday

Wish I Did that on the Weekend

Posted by in Work-Life Balance 03 Feb 2014

It’s Monday and I look at the book that’s been lying there on the 100-year old antique chair.  A Suitable Boy.  Vikram Seth.  Bought it when I was still single….perhaps hoping to find the suitable boy.

6 years and 3 attempts and I’ve only gone as far as Page 122 of 1417.

Every week I tell myself “I’ll read a few pages on the weekend” and then the weekend comes and goes and the book lies there – on the 100-year old antique chair; almost on its own quest to becoming an antique.

A Suitable Boy is just one of the many things I put off for the weekend.  And come Monday, I feel this immense loss – loss of opportunity to widen my knowledge; loss of opportunity to dabble in a childhood activity I most adored; loss of opportunity to reconnect with my inner self; loss of opportunity to just lie back and not worry.

But alas!  Life gets in the way, doesn’t it?   4 loads of laundry, cooking a few meals so my family can have healthy meals the next few days, meeting up with the family, grocery shopping, catching up on emails…and…THE WEEKEND IS OVER!

So I’ve decided that Monday is my new Sunday.  Now that’s a BIG FAT LIE!  That will not happen.

So how will I get beyond page 122?

Simple – the book moves to where I sit to relax and unwind.  That’s the corner spot on the couch – where I can stretch my legs out on adjoining sofa-bed.  Then as I have the tele on for some mindless banter and visuals, I will indulge on the Indian family’s quest to searching for A Suitable Boy.

Is there ever A Suitable Boy?  Is there ever a perfect Monday?  

The weekend is over but my dear lady, Monday is here.  What is one thing you put off this weekend that you can do today?  Even if it is to take off your shoes right now and give yourself a good foot-massage.



love Rachpal Tulsi

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