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What’s the pain you’re living with?


What’s the pain you’re living with?

Posted by in Life, Multitasking, Self Love 12 Jun 2014
Today I pulled out the drawer (not the plug..the drawer).  Have I lost my marbles you’re wondering and what am I on about?
Well. for the past 5 years or so, I have been living with extreme discomfort – (no its not Mr Tulsi) – but the strain in the shoulders and neck and lower back and the hip.  I tried physiotherapy and it helped ease the pain; I tried Chinese massage and it helped a little – but the strain, aches and pain have not left me.  On a positive note, I do have a high threshold for pain so I will make a good spy.
Anyway, I finally decided to go see a chiropractor and apparently I have worked myself to such frenzy that the first 6 discs of my spine at the base of my neck, no longer curve and have straightened out – 16 degrees off the normal curvature.  And at my lower back, it’s 20 degrees of the curvature.  Well I can boast that I’m not crooked.  
I digress.  What’s all this got to do with the drawer?  Well, Dr Chiropractor said I need to observe the rule of 90 – when I sit, my  feet should be resting such that the legs are 90 degrees and my arms also at 90 degrees to my keyboard.  So after three days of adjusting my chair, my keyboard it finally clicked – it’s the drawer!  
So Mr Tulsi with his muscles (ahemmm….) to the rescue –  pulled the drawer and there you have it!  I fulfilled my rule of 90.
What’s the pain you are living with and what simple solution have you not considered?






Excerpt: Today I pulled out the drawer (not the plug..the drawer) and fulfilled the rule of 90..  Have I lost my marbles you’re wondering and what am I on about?

POSTER:  pict of Surr pulling out the drawer

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