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Up Your Effort in 4 quick steps

Up the effort

Up Your Effort in 4 quick steps

Posted by in Uncategorized 20 Aug 2014


I’ve been asked this question many, many time – “What do I need to do to get out of this rut and get my dream job?” 

Over the years, I’ve spoken to many women who are in this predicament.  Your daily job  is almost becoming a chore – something that you dread doing, you find it monotonous or as one client summed it up, “I can close my eyes and still complete the work.”  Day in and day out, weeks and then months or sometimes years go by and you trudge along. 

And then, one day you decide, “Enough, I want change”.  So you start writing your resumes, you do a professional makeover and get a nice photoshoot done, you look up the classified ads or online job portals for your dream job.  And you’re disappointed – either everything appears the same or the career change just doesn’t seem to be happening. 

What then is the magic when you are on your job search?  After 8 years as a career coach, I’ve come to one conclusion – “Up Your Effort”.

What is Up Your Effort you ask? 

Well, we’ve all heard the famous saying by Einstein, “if you do the same thing expecting different results, it’s insanity.”   

So if you want a different result, you need to UP YOU EFFORT. 

Here’s what you do before you head for your new job search:

Ask yourself, if I were a gadget, why would people by me?  Wait!!  Let me explain.  When you buy a new mobile phone, say an Iphone 5,  do you just buy the first thing that you see?  NO!

You will carefully select the item – you will assess it’s features like the size, the functions, the ease of use, the colour and of course the price.  You have a criteria.  When you eventually make that purchase, you can be assured that the manufacturer had put in a lot of thought, discussion and hours or months of fine-tuning before coming up with the product worthy of sale.  Nothing goes to the stores just by chance.    

Why would a new employer “buy” you?  What are the added features you have that make you irresistible to future employers?   Remember the mobile phone always has Version 1, 2, 3  etc.  So you need to have an updated version of yourself too!


Her are 4 quick things you can do:


  1. What are 2 new skills you have acquired over the past 5 years?

  2. What are 2 new positive mindsets/attitudes you have obtained in the past 5 years?

  3. What are 2 challenges (pushing your boundaries) you are willing to take in the next one year?

  4. What are 2 FUN things you will include in your life in the next one year?


Congratulations, if you have just completed these four steps, you have already started your journey to Up Your Effort.  Start every week by making a commitment to do something that requires to be outside your comfort zone and stretch your capabilities[U1]


Try it and let me know how your journey to your dream job goes.


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