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I guess I was facing a period of uncertainty and what most would call a quarter life crisis stage when I first approached Rachpal. I was initially intimidated by the thought of sharing problems that I wasn’t so keen on sharing so easily with. Being an emotional wreck at that time, I shared with Rachpal some of my deepest fears and reflected on some habits / characteristics of mine that I would rather not write down in words… Yet it was surprisingly therapeutic; and even empowering every single time after my consultation with her. Because I know that Rachpal will never judge me. Her suggestions and advice on handling tricky workplace situations as well as always nudging me to remember to keep the faith in myself and my art, has transformed the way I used to perceive life. Her experience never fails to give me brand new insights to resolve challenges that I’m facing and she gives me constructive feedback to improve my personal presence as a working professional. I am really thankful for the coaching sessions with Rachpal and I strongly urge you to just reach out, if you are facing some issues – be it at work, or at home, because you’re in for a transformation of your life…

Quek L.W, Graphic Designer


Rachpal is a no-nonsense change agent, something which I needed in order to achieve my goals. Her coaching style which is a mix of compassion, honesty and bluntness were necessary for me to realize why my career was not picking up at the pace I wanted. Before I took the risk of being coached by Rachpal, I felt that I had exhausted all existing avenues.  Through the coaching I realized the importance of NOW. I have learned not to procrastinate and start my plans right now and constantly ask myself, “IF not NOW, WHEN?”  I don’t dwell on the things I cannot change and focus on the things I can.  I also learned to stop doing things which would bring me away from my goals

One noticeable difference I found after 4 weeks of coaching was an increase in assertiveness in my behavior and outlook.  Rachpal is excellent as she uses a whole variety of methodology – drawing, writing even changing coaching locations – whatever it took to get the best results! The seaside and pool have a very positive affect on the flow of my creative juices.

Shah J, Corporate Trainer


The past 10 years have been a struggle for me especially with my Health, Finances and Career.  Being coached by Rachpal helped me understand my work preferences, strengths and weaknesses and most importantly helped me see my challenges in a different angle.  It was an eye-opener when in one exercise that she walked us through, I found out that I had wasted TIME & Money on Unimportant things. As painful as it was, her Bluntness and No Bullshit Approach to Coaching made me realize that I was in Denial for a long time.

As her husband and being in the coaching industry for sometime, I know how tough it can be for someone to be coached by a spouse. I was a little hesitant but I felt I was in a Viscous Cycle and I needed help badly, even as Blunt and Bone Crushingly Honest as she was.

As a result of the coaching, I lead a more meaningful Life now; I am more Patient on the Road now, I feel more Calm, I am not as Stressed as I was before. I even GOT A JOB within the first 3 weeks of coaching!

Suurjiyt T, Marine Surveyor and the King of the Queen