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MULTI-TASKING – the Many ROLES You Play At Home

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MULTI-TASKING – the Many ROLES You Play At Home

Posted by in Life, Multitasking, Self Love, Work-Life Balance 08 Jun 2014

Today is a special……VERY special day!  One year ago on this day, I had another role added on to my already long list – I became a Grand-Aunty to a bubbly young lad, Amanvir.  His latest look is that of a sumo wrestler but I think his father would probable want him to be a footballer.  Hence, husband and I got him his very first personalized Liverpool football jersey and a special edition World Cup miniature football.  Don’t you think it’s absolutely adorable??

As I look at the jersey I realize how quickly time flies – I was only seven-years old when my first nephew came along and 11 months later, Aman’s father.

What does it mean to be a grand-aunty?  Is there anything special that I should be doing? Am I doing enough?  Am I doing too much?  Do grand-aunties have the same passport to spoil the kid rotten the way grandparents have?  I’m not sure – but I don’t care!  Spoil him I will and discipline him too – I will!   

This past week I’m most grateful for the lovely family that I have.  I have so many roles in my life – but perhaps that of a daughter, sister, wife, sister-in-law, aunty, grand-aunty are the ones that keep me grounded.  No matter what role I play in the business-world, at home I know I can just be ME!



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