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How can you prioritise and focus on the tasks you do best?
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Multi-tasking is not for me!

Messy Drawer

Multi-tasking is not for me!

Posted by in Life, Multitasking, Self Love 10 Jun 2014

I’m so bad at organizing paperwork that if I won a lottery, I probably won’t find the ticket and by the time I find it – well you guessed it – it’ll be past the collection date.  Receipts, bills, documents just pile up.  First they will be stuffed into my purse until the purse threatens to burst at its seams and then will empty everything out into the drawer.  And then the bills will come in and once paid,  guessed it, into the drawer they go.  And they get pled on and on and on till the drawer starts threatening too!


The drama starts when I need to find a receipt, a document or a bill and then it will paper party all over the house  followed by accusations and finger-pointing.  Guilty as charged.

So finally I got myself part-time help who comes in every quarter and organizes everything into some logical system, files them away, labels all the files and gives me clear instructions on what I need to do if I want to retrieve something and where I will find it.


Now, now before you judge me and call me a Diva, please note that I have a legitimate reason.  Two years ago I did a job preference analysis and one of my least preferred tasks at work was – no surprise – administration and organization. 


It was such a relief to not focus on those tasks that I least prefer and no amount of multitasking and juggling would help.  These were balls that were always dropping.  Not having to focus on these tasks has allowed me to focus on those tasks that I like and I find myself getting excited every and looking forward to my work day.


So what’s the task that you least like at work?




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