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How to balance marriage and work?
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Marriage is NOT for me!

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Marriage is NOT for me!

Posted by in Life, Multitasking, Self Love, Work-Life Balance 10 Jun 2014
Tomorrow will be 10 years that I have been married.  It feels a lot shorter.  But marriage is a very unique decision – it is an individual making a decision to spend the rest of their lives with another person – making a new family member.  It’s funny how we make decisions to add someone to out lives and make them out family when sometimes we want to wring the necks of the family that we naturally are blessed with.

I’m not going into details of my 10-year marriage and bore you but I can tell you this – it’s the most challenging roller-coater ride I have been on. 

So what do we do when we don’t like parts of the roller-coaster ride?  Sometimes I just feel like walking away and going on the tea-cup rides – aren’t tea-cups a lot prettier and the ride is so smooth?  But I know myself, I will crave for the bumps, the sharp turns and the sudden rise and fall.  That’s what my marriage is and I can’t imagine having any other kind of marriage.  Nothing is predictable in my marriage and yet that is my biggest challenge.  I want some predictability but not too much; I want some stability but I know I will crave for adventure. 

There are days when I feel I have had enough – the traditional definition of marriage is not for me. 

I walk away, I come back.  I struggle to make sense.

But maybe I don’t have to and just let it be.  Maybe it’s time to throw away all the rules and conventions of marriage and write a new book of the rules of marriage.

If there is one thing you could add to the New Rules for marriage, what would it be?




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