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Love Yourself FIRST

love yourself first

Love Yourself FIRST

Posted by in Self Love 18 Nov 2013

Ever noticed yourself doing this: there is some leftover food and its only enough for two portions but there are three of you and you say, “It’s okay, I’m really not that hungry. I’ll have a fruit or bread.”; or you’re at work and a colleague is struggling to get the work completed and you just step in and say “Let me help you” even though your work is piling up but you just cannot see your colleague in agony.

Do you spend hours or perhaps days or even weeks worrying about your parents’ health, your kids’ safety, your husband’s well-being – just worrying over little things like is there enough food, did they take their medication, are they safely home?

Or perhaps you need to get that manicure done or perhaps the long overdue trip to the hairdresser or dentist but you just have so much to do for OTHERS? Because if you went off to the dentist or hairdresser, who will do the cooking, cleaning, coaching…etc..etc…?

Okay girlfriend, I’ve been down that road countless times. We hesitate to make a decision for ourselves as we put the needs of others first. Women typically forget to look after themselves – we forget that we need to care for ourselves first.

As you start another beautiful week, I invite you to write on a sheet of paper just the following words: “SELF LOVE”. Put it up on the wall next to you at your desk in the office. Or key it into your calendar to beep several times a day. It’s time lovely lady to love yourself FIRST!

love Rachpal Tulsi

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