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Live it up

The Venus Circle Revolution


You want CHANGE.

You want RESULTS.

You want CLARITY.



You’ve tried; you’ve cried; you’ve sailed; you’ve failed.


So you have the annual plan; monthly goal; the to-do list; the stop-doing list; but you’re still NOT living Your Ideal Perfect Life.


What’s missing is your successstrategy-formula – it’s like shooting darts in the dark – you might hit success but more often, you won’t!  And then you pick up the darts and keep trying, keep shooting and again, sometimes you miss, sometimes you hit.  And after many tries, you feel like you’re right where you’ve started.

What if we started ACTING like we are successful?
What if we know what BEING successful means?


What if YOU were exposed to The Secret of the Success-Strategy-Formula and it changes the way you eat, the way you sleep, the way you work, the way you plan your holidays?  What if by participating in The Secret of the Success-Strategy-Formula you start LIVING Your Ideal Perfect Life?  What if Success comes EASILY to you so that you can, well, Simply Live?


Welcome to The Venus Circle Revolution.


I believe that You, deserve to be number ONE on your TO-DO list.


And I believe You, are ever evolving and deserve to Simply Live, Your Best Life Ever!


And to Simply Live means that YOU develop a strategy to achieve a measurable, desirable outcome in 8 weeks through customised facilitation and coaching support which is focused on

  • Getting into ACTION, getting RESULTS…not just more knowledge
  • Collaborating with like-minded women where we mutually support each other’s growth, where we support each other through the challenges, where we are driven by a common purpose and yet we create our own destiny
  • Working with a systemized, step-by-step plan to ensure that you get the results for the time and money that you are investing
  • A tailor-made solution that is designed to bring out the unique in You and set your apart from the masses
  • Assigned to an exclusive group of 3 women to offer accountability and support
  • And all that in a swift 8-weeks


Here’s the FULL deal:

  • 2 days (14 hours) LIVE Group Coaching
  • 3 sessions individual coaching via Skype
  • 4 sessions group coaching via group webinar
  • 17 Worksheets
  • 7 video-lessons (approximately 30-minutes long)


All this will be made available to you on the private portal when you join The Venus Circle.


Due to the highly customized and intimate nature of the coaching, I only work with 12 women at a time.  If you are interested in being one of the women, fill up the form below and you will be directed to instructions for registration.  I am excited to work with you and lead you to Simply Live!

love Rachpal Tulsi