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The Venus Circle Philosophy
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The Venus Circle Philosophy


We’re a 20% natural and 80% virtual, brutally honest and highly driven company.The Venus Circle was created for the Goddess in you to embody love and female charm like the Goddess Venus.

Our mission is to get you to kick off your HEELS, get rid of those STUFFY jacket suits….and begin to…Simply LIVE!!!

We envision a world of bold, liberated and passionate women!

What are our Guiding Principles?

  • If not NOW, then WHEN?  Start living, start getting into action and STOP waiting for that perfect time!  There will not be that perfect time, day, month or year.
  • If not you, then WHO? So you want to have that change in life or career or relationship that you so deeply, deeply desire and you’re waiting for that other person to make it happen for you!  Hello????   Then you’ll be waiting for a long, long time.  It starts with YOU!
  • 100% or nothing.  If you want that massive change in your life, if you want to live that perfect ideal life that you always dreamed about, you have to be 100% in everything.  So if you decide to be lazy that day, be 100% lazy so that you really get the full value of being lazy!  No guilty feeling, no regrets!  Just be 100%!  You can’t be a little bit pregnant – you’re pregnant or not pregnant!
  • Brutal Honesty.  Okay, that’s just another way of saying that we’re BLUNT!  Yup! You read that right.  We’re a no bull-shit team.  We call you out if you’re fluffing (read: bluffing) or to put it bluntly, bull-shitting.  We will challenge you.  We tell you as we see it, as we hear it!  We were born with The Gift of Bluntness.
  • Unpopular is IN!  We’re hot!  We make our rules! We encourage you to make your rules.  Stretch the boundaries.  Step on people’s toes.  We’re not followers, we’re LUMINARIES!

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