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From the corridors of government agencies to the workshops of Rolls Royce Marine it’s been almost 20 years of corporate work helping corporates fix their gaps. What I found was an increasing number of women who were just juggling more than they could catch.If you’re feeling stuck in your life, if you feel your career stinks and you so badly want a change – then here I am – the Queen of Transitional Transformation.Welcome lovely lady! I’m Rachpal Tulsi.

No one knows more about transitions better than me.  In the past 12 years I have started up more businesses then I ever imagined.

That’s because I’m go-getter with a “never-say-die “ defiance, a rebel who will work 15 hours a day to build my OWN business and retire with a glass of wine when my day is done!

I grew up in Singapore, in a humble brick factory where dad worked…it was a simple life.  No electricity till I was 12 and that just meant I had to be creative in keeping myself occupied and entertained all day!

So life will be straightforward…go to school and then settle into a job..

Growing up, I just thought that like my five older siblings, I would go to school, get my ‘A’ levels and get a job and stay in that job until I retire.

Everyone did that…or so I thought.

HAVE YOU EVER FELT THAT WAY?  This is how life is supposed to be?  Maybe, in your life, getting a good education like a University degree was a norm and then you get a job in the field that you studied, worked hard and got a promotion every few years, got a pay raise every few years…Perfectly normal in your life!  Everyone you know go through the same cycle.

Until one day, like me, you realize that the work you do no longer excites you.

So like me, you probably contemplated quitting your job!

Well, I didn’t contemplate – I QUIT!!  Without a plan in hand!!!!!  


You bet!

Here’s the testimony of my Journey to Craziness – my business cards of my journey over 12 years.

Transitions Highs and Lows

  • A force to reckon with was born on 28 July 1969 (Yes…just 8 days after the first man walked on the moon)
  • Was always among the top in academic and athletics
  • Was always among the top in academic and athletics
  • Could never play any musical instruments and always sang out of tune
  • Loved going on stage to tell stories while in primary school
  • Best part of secondary school – EVERYTHING!!  I had a time of my life!
  • Oh…except that I could never pass my Additional Maths (first time I ever failed anything)…followed quickly by Chemistry…sigh
  • Don’t know what I did at Junior College…oh yes…I actually sang a song on stage! I have pictures to prove. So I guess my primary school music teacher was wrong!
  • Flunked my ‘A’ Levels. Badly I must add.
  • Off to Secretarial School I went – to be Secretary just like my older sisters.
  • Aced in shorthand and typing but ended up working as a travel agent and later a childcare teacher.
  • Ooh…the bug has bitten…I want more.
  • Off to Melbourne I went to study Psychology (…err…and Politics)
  • Back home to sunny Singapore and landed a job with a Statutory board
  • Am off to a great start in my life
  • Errr…7 years later…”I want more.  Surely I can do more in life”
  • And with my Masters Degree in hand I QUIT WITHOUT A PLAN
  • I bumped around and I searched; even an unsuccessful attempt at migrating
  • Ran a pre-school for two years; Whizkidz International….but I want more
  • Pulled out of the business and got my first corporate training gig…FIRST time delivering to an adult audience; topic Conflict Management, then Change management….and then the list goes on
  • Corporate consulting came in
  • Went into partnership with my husband in Learning Hemispheres ..nothing happened
  • Never say Die – went into another business venture with my husband – Omnisearch Consulting; went south too!
  • Still a romantic – maybe Omnilight might be our answer…ouch more money lost.
  • Ok maybe if I got more qualifications, NLP Certification. Enneagram Certification, Harrison Job Success Analysis Certification
  • I know I’ll be a superb coach….so I tried. From 2006 I tried and I tried.
  • BINGO!!!  Finally, people love working with me.  I’m told I’m a GOOD Coach!
  • Doing my Happy Dance
  • In February 2013, met a fabulous mentor, Amber Mclean, through whom I discovered my Gift of working with WOMEN (and Men too as I accidentally found out) in transition
  • In March 2013 – discarded most of my corporate training workbooks
  • May 2013 – the Queen of Transitional Transformation is born

love Rachpal Tulsi