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Why The Venus Circle?

The Goddess Venus embodies passion and love; the feminine energy; and yet she is powerful.


What is transitional transformation?

Transitional – being in transition; being in between two states of change.

Transformation – experiencing a change that creates different outcomes for you; outcomes that you only ever dreamed about; outcomes that you never thought possible; outcomes you thought that only people with lots of money can have…you get it!  It’s about bringing about a change in the way we Think and Act which will never, ever be the same as it was before.

Transitional Transformation – bringing about a complete change in the way we do things, the way we interact with other, the way we do our work, the way we live our lives WHILE we are undergoing a shift in our life circumstances such as career or relationship.


Why must you be BLUNT?

LOL…we get this all the time!  It all started with our Queen of Transitional Transformation.  She started losing friends and (sometimes even family put her in cold storage for months) because she would say things as she saw it, as she heard it and as she felt it!  And many a time, people were offended by what she saw, heard or felt! It took her 43 years to find out that what she was doing naturally, was actually, being BLUNT!  But The Queen found that telling as she saw it, heard it or felt it helped the clients that she coached.  Whatever that works she says!  So, there – now you know.  So she’s learnt to add LOL, roflol. Xoxo, ( : to make it less blunt.

( : xoxo