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How do you juggle being a Mum or Dad and still look so calm at work?
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How do Mums and Dads do it?


How do Mums and Dads do it?

Posted by in Life, Multitasking, Self Love 09 Jun 2014

How do Mums and Dads do it? Get the kids up in the morning, breakfast ready, ensure no breakfast spills, schoolbags packed, kids look decent enough to be sent off to school, Mum and Dad look decent enough to appear at work?  Gosh!!  If I had kids, they probably will be the kids with the smelliest socks, cereal in their hair, grime under their fingernails and eating chocolate for lunch! 


My nieces spent the weekend with me – no, I lie – they spent Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon with me (so that’s not the whole weekend) and I’m exhausted!  Kids get hungry every hour, thirsty every 30 minutes and before they eat anything they MUST WASH THEIR HANDS!  Now my soap-dispenser is half empty (ok some will argue half full) but still!!!  Then there are crumbs on the floor – why?  Why is it that kids have such precision at video games but cannot keep the crumbs on the plate? 


How do mummies and daddies do this every day and go to the office and suddenly transform into this composed work-person? 

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