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Getting The Balance

Getting The Balance

Getting The Balance

Posted by in Work-Life Balance 15 Sep 2013

Alarm rings sometime between 5.45 a.m. to 6.30 a.m.?  You hit the snooze button. You’ve snoozed it at least 5 times and now you facing up to the reality –So you crawl out of bed, perhaps your husband is beside you – maybe still in deep slumber and snoring; so you nudge him (perhaps not so gently); then over to the kids’room…dragging them out of their slumber too!


Then,  your auto-pilot mode is on, ticking the boxes: –

  • Fix tea or coffee
  • Glasses of milk with toast or cereal
  • Get kids into the shower
  • Get the kids into the school uniforms
  • Pocket-money
  • Sign some school forms
  • Get into the shower
  • Pull out and put on that that outfit that does not need ironing
  • Get that make-up on in 5 minutes
  • Grab you phone and keys
  • Everybody out of the house (oooppps…maybe there’s a kitty or doggie that needs water too )
  • Drive kids to school
  • Hot the expressway before the jam builds up OR
  • Think “today is my lucky day and I’ll get into the first train”, but no such luck

EXHAUSTED???? …….And its just 9 a.m.!!!


Have you noticed how your morning starts with a mad rush and how you complete so many tasks before you even step out of the house.  No wonder you are drained.


So I hear women tell me all the time, I want work-life balance.


I’ve spent the last 10 months studying the concept popularly known as work-life balance.  What exactly is it?  Is there ever such a thing as a balance?  And I realised that NO, there is never a “correct” answer to what is the balance.


Each person has to decide what is the correct balance.  After my two cancer scares last year, I decided that I wanted more of life.  I wanted more time with my husband, my mother, my nephews and nieces and now my grand-nephew (yes I’m now Nanna Rach), my friends and doing my leisure activities that I had been putting off for a long time.  I love running at the beach or going for hikes and I just wanted to do as much of that as I could.


STOP! I know you’re thinking “she’s probably made her millions so she can afford to take it easy.”.  Well my darling, far from it, very far from it.  So I devised a plan that would allow me to work the hours I want to work that will give me the income to live my life for today as well as put some money for my silver years.


How do I do that?


It’s all about CHOICES! I made the choice to LIVE SIMPLY so that I would SIMPLY LIVE!  I have all the clothes and shoes I need to wear;  I have enough bags that could probably see me to the end of my life (I’m thinking I might live another 40 years); I have enough food to nourish me; I have enough books to keep me occupied for another 5 years; I can travel budget…and the list goes on….


Balance is about CHOICE – what is the CHOICE that you can make today to GET THE BALANCE BACK IN YOUR LIFE?


love Rachpal Tulsi

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