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Live your best life ever
live, best life

Live YOUR Best Life Ever….


Hello Lovely Lady,Feel like a juggler sometimes? Stressed from lack of work-life balance?Juggling career, deadlines, parents, husband, boyfriend, kid or kids, housework, exercise?

Do you feel like sometimes you’re just struggling to catch your breath or that for every few steps you take forwards, you’re sliding one back? Missing out on perhaps the first steps? the last breath? the graduation? the flowers? …as you RACED through life?

You have a career. Or perhaps you are in transition. You’ve undergone some changes in your life – a new job, a new family, a new home or perhaps a cute little baby.

And……..Like me, You have DECIDED not to waste anymore time and you want to liberate yourself and bring passion back into your game and take that bold step.

No more sob stories and pity-parties.

Then STOP right here! You’re RIGHT where you need to be!!

Slow Down……… Breathe.

Yes!! There is another way to live your life. It’s liberating, it’s bold and it’ll fill your heart with passion again. This is not a crusade to “heal” the world but to bring back the “simplicity”.


How quickly time passed me by…sometimes I just didn’t know how the day went by! Sometimes I didn’t even remember the taste of the food that I had eaten! I didn’t even realize my plants were withering till my kindly neighbour watered them for me! The little birdies will hop into my home in the morning reminding me to feed them….sigh!


I was BUSY chasing the corporate dream – I wanted to be that big-time corporate trainer consultant that everyone will be talking about.

I found myself exhausted from the many roles that I juggled. As I grew older, my parents grew older; they slowed down and so did I. I found myself running through the days trying to be that superwoman – meet clients, conduct classes, run a parent for medical appointments, shuttling between hospital and home when Dad was ill, keep the home tidy, prepare that healthy meal (and beat myself up when I couldn’t), learning a new skill to enhance my career, fighting to have a good marriage, catch up with my good old friends for a quick coffee or chat, exercise to stay healthy (and beat myself up when I couldn’t).

Breathe, Rachpal! “Your homework is just to STOP and BREATHE” was all my therapist would say!!

Then in 2012, my father passed away in April and it immediately followed with 2 possible cancer diagnoses over a six-month period.


So I slowed down. I walked slower. I stopped to admire the beauty around me. I ate slower. I savoured the taste. I drank wine when I felt like it. I wore that lovely dress when I felt like it. I met with my friends and enjoyed a good laugh. I no longer waited for “that perfect occasion”.

I now have a renewed belief. That everyday that I am alive, is a special day.

Everyday that YOU are alive is a SPECIAL DAY.

Why wait for that….
Perfect day to wear that lovely dress?
Perfect day to eat from that expensive dining set?
Perfect day to take a walk along the beach?
Perfect day to open that bottle of wine?

Girlfriend, TODAY IS THAT PERFECT DAY to ….Simply Live!

I created The Venus Circle as I believe that all of you are Goddesses who embody love and female charm like Venus.

I am committed to reconnecting you with that passion that once existed so that you can get that balance back in your life.

More than getting the balance, is to get your passion and SLOW DOWN.

And BREATHE so that you can connect with Your Inner Woman and bring out the feminine charm in you.

I Look forward to leading you in this beautiful dance of life to,Simply Live…..


heart Rachpal